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Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday: 11:00-12:00 Noon



Some of Pope Francis’ memorable quotes about why Catholics should go to Confession:



"The sincere and humble admission of one’s weaknesses, of having “a sliver of Satan in my flesh,” shows that the power of salvation comes from God, not oneself,”


  “But if a person, whether a layperson, priest or sister, goes to confession and converts, the Lord forgives. And when the Lord forgives, he forgets. This is important.”


 “ When the door starts closing a bit because of our weakness and sins, confession reopens it.”


“I can’t be baptized two or three or four times, but I can go to confession, and when I go to confession, I renew that grace of baptism.”


"Confession is an encounter with Jesus whose “mercy motivates us to do better.”


"Confession “is going to praise God, because I — the sinner — have been saved by him,” who always waits and always forgives “with tenderness.”