Father Danny Murphy


Listen, Meditate, and Feel Christ's Love.

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You are welcomed to come to Mass at Holy Cross Church and hear Father Danny's  messages in person, because they are not only inspirational, they are lessons for life, taught by a truly humble servant of God.




We are the Catholic men of Indian River County Florida, that come together as a body of diverse individuals under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to live our lives as Jesus taught us to live our lives. We are not Evangelist, but we do evangelize. We are not a support group, but we do offer support. We are not a prayer group, but we do pray. We firmly believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us and given the proper learning environment, we cannot help but grow in our faith. Which in turn makes each one of us a better man.
We own the stewardship of our time. Our talents and our treasures expresses the continuous accountability to God and the shared responsibility to each other, to the community, and to the world.
Please consider joining us.

To express your interest in joining one of our Catholic Men's Groups and/or their Knights of Columbus councils, please click on any of our Church's links for contact information. As a reminder,  all practicing Catholic men are welcome to join a men's group or any K of C council in any of our four parishes.

Jesus is: The Light of the World.
We Embrace This Light By.
 Teaching, Learning, Loving, and Sharing.

 The Beauty of Christ's Teachings are:
 We learn to feel before we are taught to touch