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"The Mission of Catholic Men's Ministries of Indian River County Florida is to reach out to those men that have fallen from their Christian faith or were never in a Christian faith by bringing to light, the words, deeds, and examples, that Jesus Christ left for us to follow as scribed in the Scriptures of the New Testament utilizing a web-based approach to communicate His good news.”


So as to shed as much light on Jesus's words, deeds, and examples we developed a windows based web ministry. Using our own unique Holy Spirit guided system, we devised a communication product that utilizes a true man machine interface. Windows is a perfect word for what we are doing. For what exists on our web ministry are windows into knowledge that can assist men on finding answers to their faith based questions with only the click of a mouse, or a touch of a finger. Doubters are encouraged to scroll through some of our more detailed explanations of why we believe in God and God's plan for us by reading Dr. Slavickas's paper on "Oh God who are You and Where are You "or   one can view John Moore's "Be a Sheep". A YouTube video on how a successful Attorney found his failings in what really mattered in his life. Or get introduced to the beautiful soothing, calming, spiritual, music of Sarah Kroger. Or just be inspired by one of Father Danny Murphy's homilies. But to say we are just windows would only be a half truth, for we are also doors. Some may call our doors Evangelizing. However we do not see it as such, since we see ourselves only as offering doors to those seeking answers, we do not open these doors for them. For that task we feel belongs to the seekers. A visitor to our website will find links to other faith based websites, articles to read that address men's everyday problems, and real personal stories about men of faith that have found their real purpose in life. Men that may have been on treadmills of questions and doubts of their faith always seeking, but never finding answers. Our men of faith, of this ministry, do not have doubts or questions in or of their faith, they have answers. We do not preach the Gospel, we live the Gospel. And by doing that, we have found true contentment and the real meaning and the Purpose of our Creation.


God Bless All. Robert G. Borelli




Most Churches around the Globe Have Men's Ministries.

I am sure you can find one in your parrish.