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Q1: Ok When I think of ministry I picture standing on the Village Green preaching the Gospel and knocking on doors looking to convert people. Is this what you do?

Q2: Why do Catholic Men need to share their lives with other men on a personal level?

Q3: Why do I need to join a Catholic Men's only group. I am in a Catholic Couples Group. What's different?

Q4: Describe what happens in a typical men's group meeting?

Q5: OK So I have been away from the church for many years. Do I have to be a practicing Catholic to join the Men's group?

Q6: Is there a Social aspect of the group, things like golfing outings?

Q7: I see you have different programs that you witness at your meetings.. How are these programs picked?

Q8: I am doing well. My career is on track, got a great relationship with my wife, my children are doing just fine. My future is Spot On the plan. What can your Group do for me?

Q9: I imagine Guys sitting around a table and talking about personal stuff. You know bearing one's soul. Is this picture correct? 

Q10: If I do bear my soul to the group, then what will the group do for me?  

We Ask You of This:
 Will your novel close, long before your chapters are fully read? Will you leave your love ones to mourn a possessor of worldly goods? And to what legacy are you to pass unto them? Your pursuit of false Gods guided by a path laced with thorns? It is not yours to know when you will expel your last breath, but, for sure, your hour will come. So is it not now for you to begin a new Novel? A Novel with your Chapters following the paths of Jesus Christ? Do this and you will leave a legacy of a man of faith, a man of character, a man of joy and happiness, a man worthy to be followed, and a man destined to enter God's Kingdom. We are not your judge, we are but a door. A door for you to open. But once opened, We are here to welcome you. We are here to help you. We are here to love you. We are here to teach you to be the man your loving God, and by His Son's teachings, created you to be.