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Matthew Kelly
 Excerpts From Mathew Kelly 2016 "Resisting Happiness"
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You were made for a mission. It's time to let your light shine".
pg. 199

"You have the perfect personality and talents to fulfill the mission God is entrusting to you". pg. 200

"We are here on earth for the blink of an eye. This is not our home. That's why the happiness that God wants for us and created for us is very different from the fleeing happiness and momentary pleasures of this world". pg. 180

"God designed human beings for a specific purposes. If we stray from them, things tend to go wrong and we start to feel dissatisfied at best and miserable at worst". pg. 201

"We live our lives for the audience of one: God. If we are doing what you believe God is calling you to do deep in your soul, walk on".  pg. 218

"It is interesting how seldom we talk about spiritual health. If you think about all the focus on physical health and the billions of dollars we spend on trying to achieve it, and then consider how little we talk about spiritual health, it says so much about the state of our culture". pg. 55

"Nothing on earth can satisfy your desire for happiness".
 pg. 15

"It is only by placing God at the center of everything that we can make sense of life". pg. 16

"We live in a culture that says the meaning of life is to get what we want, and that when we get what we want, we will be happy. We yearn for happiness because we were created for it, so we fall for the lie. We race off into the world to get what we want, but sooner or later we all realize that getting what we want doesn't make us happy". pg. 48

"As you get deeper in prayer, God will help you answer four questions: Who am I? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least"? pg. 57

Every moment of every day, every situation, every person we encounter is an opportunity to become a-better-version-of ourselves. pg74

"The world compares me to my neighbor, but God compares me to my former self". pg. 74

"Christianity is incredibly practical. It is a beautiful human invitation to experience the divine".  pg. 82

"Any type of inner slavery limits our ability to love ourselves, to love God and to love others". pg. 156

"Be gentile with yourself, be gentile with others, and never stop striving to be all that God created you to be: the-very-best-version-of-yourself". pg. 177

"We have spoken at length about our quest for happiness. One of the essential lessons in this quest is that we ultimately find happiness not by seeking gratification for ourselves but by serving others". pg. 202

Mathew Kelly 2016
Beacon Publishing
North Palm Beach Fl.

"Walk On" to Happiness . Thank You Matthew Kelly.

Unless Your Strengths reside in your ability to overcome your Weaknesses. Your Weaknesses will eventually overcome your Strengths and steal from you true happiness.
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