Be A Sheep

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By John Moore
John is a Member of Holy Cross Catholic Church Men's Group. This talk was given at an Evening of Reflection held by Catholic Men for Jesus Christ at Holy Family Parish, Port St. Lucie, Florida on May 19, 2016.
John Moore practices Law in Vero Beach Florida. In this 40 minute video, John first layouts his successes. He tells of being hired by a large Washington D.C. law firm right out of College. Working 80 hours per week, really practicing law, John's career begins. Recognition by management drives John to breed success and creates an appetite for more. John needs to organize his lifestyle to accommodate more success. So John creates lists to live by. John's life goes on, list after list, master lists, sub master lists, on the treadmill of seeking more success. John leaves the big law firm to work for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. To that job, he was even appointed by the President of the United States. Yes thee President of the United States. After that administration left office, John decided to come home to Vero and start his own law firm. Working off his lists, John was executing his overall Master Do list, flawlessly. Back home, John is named, by one of the local magazines, as one of the 40 most influential people in Vero Beach. John, lived by his lists, created more lists, and experienced success after success.

 Was John Satisfied with his life?

Well! Just like any good novel, to find out what happens next, you are just going to have to dig into the pages. But in our case, John has made it easier. Just Watch his Video.