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This  is a Story about
Marriage and  Divorce.

The most important statistic in the number of Divorces is not the percentage but the longevity of marriages. It is the 15 - 20 year staying in a marriage mark that is around 52%, that is significant. This is where almost half of all marriages fail. And this is where the children of a marriage suffer the most. It is in the vulnerable early and teen years of children where their parent’s model of marriage and family life is embedded in their roots and this time frame falls in the 15 – 20 years of marriage range. This factor of embedded core values can affect the children's own marriages because when these embedded models seriously conflict, there is a good chance of their marriages failing. And this takes place in our little story of Paulie and Stacey, where each one is playing out their own, but different embedded core role. However, in the beginning it does not affect their married lives, in fact, it is fun and exciting to do things differently than their parents did. And it works until children enter the marriage and the seriousness of being parents themselves, is when it becomes obvious that their core values differ. And in Paulie and Stacey’s case it leads to a failed marriage. Divorce is terrible in itself but it is devastating when children are involved. We all know that. But maybe if we look at one possible solution to prevent these devastations from happening, that is to stop it before it can begin. Meaning, in seeking someone that you want to raise a family with, seek the one that has similar embedded core values to yours. In fact, isn’t today’s Dating Businesses using the same formula, that being matching people that have similar interest, similar back grounds? Nothing new here. People do think and behave differently, depending upon where and how they were raised. These principles were expounded in the early 1970's by Morris Massey in his tapes titled : "What You Are Is Where You Were When".


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