"The Mission of Catholic Men's Ministries of Indian River County Florida is to reach out to those men that have fallen from their Christian faith or were never in a Christian faith by bringing to light, the words, deeds, and examples, that Jesus Christ left for us to follow as scribed in the Scriptures of the New Testament utilizing a web-based approach to communicate His good news.”



The purpose of this web site is to prayerfully assist and facilitate Catholic based communications with an aim towards promoting Catholic spiritual growth opportunities for all men by supporting each other in the struggle to live out Christ-centered lives in all our relationships and facets of our lives.


 To reinforce this we strongly encourage Catholic men to join men's groups in various Catholic parishes throughout this country. For it is in these groups that men support other men in their times of need and truly live out our Holy Church's mission to passionately grow disciples of Christ.


We hope you will fully utilize this web site in your own active pursuit of God's message, and we encourage you to come back to this site often for news, events, and insights you might find helpful for your own spiritual growth, as well as encouraging other fellow sojourners to join us!


The uncompromised purpose of the CMMIRCFL Catholic men's ministries is to glorify God by helping men know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and to equip and empower men in their spiritual lives, as well as help them to reach out to others to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ by forming God-honoring and life-changing relationships.


 While some might think otherwise, being a faithful Catholic and Christian is not something one can achieve on their own. Nor is it just a once a week activity, a label, title, or descriptor. It is a continuous process of faith formation that begins at baptism; it is reinforced and strengthened in communion with other men and lasts until the day that we depart this earth and stand before God.


Men today are inundated with confusing messages about what defines masculinity, manhood, and fatherhood. Because of this, our men's ministry groups which compile the CMMIRCFL are passionate about helping men rediscover authentic manhood, and help them grow into the Christ-centered husbands, fathers, employees, bosses, leaders, Catholics, and servants God created them to be.


Therefore, we believe the first step is connecting with other men who share mutual encouragement and support through their personal stories while allowing God to shape them and lead them toward God's created plan for their lives.


This CMMIRCFL.ORG web site provides you with the tools and information necessary to aid you on your own journey, as well as help you reach out to others who might respond to your invitation to participate in one of our men's groups. We encourage you to share this website link with other men that are seeking true happiness and contentment.


 In the gospel of Mathew (28:19), Jesus commissioned all of us to make disciples of all nations. CMMIRCFL invites all Catholic men to get involved with any of the convenient men's ministry sessions close to them. And to become a member of our Catholic men's community and help themselves and others becous the disciples of Christ that God created them to be.


 May God bless you for your faith and willingness to live a life that reflects the love of Jesus Christ. Thank You For Visiting Us We Are: The Men of Catholic Men's Ministries of Indian River County Florida


We Are:

 The Men of Catholic Men's Ministries of Indian River County Florida