By Robert G. Borelli



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The Talk: May I ask what you are doing?


Response: When did you get here? I didn’t see you before.


The Talk: I have been here all the time you have been here.


 Response: That’s interesting, because I didn’t see you. What am I doing? I’m looking for buried treasure from the sunken Spanish Galleons that sank off this coast. They say they tend to wash up on shore after a storm. So there was a storm yesterday and here I am this morning, alone, metal detector in hand trying to get rich.


The Talk: And if you get rich, what will you do?


Response: I’ll live the good life, buying expensive things, and not worrying how I am going to pay for them.


The Talk: And this will make you happy?


 Response: Absolutely wouldn’t that not make you happy?


The Talk: I am happy. Are you not happy now because you don’t have these riches?


Response: No I’m happy now, but being rich will make us happier.


The Talk: Happy is an end, there is no elevation to happier. So you are either happy or you’re not. Which one are you?


Response: Well if you put it that way, I guess if I am looking for riches to buy things so as to be happy, then according to your theory, I’m not happy.


The Talk: OK that’s settled have a great day.


 Response: No wait, I like to talk to you some more. You seem to know things that have interest to me. Can you stay and talk?


The Talk: What about your treasure searching?


Response: That’s not important now. I like to know why you are happy and what makes you happy.


The Talk: Alright! Happy starts first with content. Contentment in life as it is, what you have, not what you don’t have. What it is not, is what others think it should be as in money, or things, or thrills or excitements. Contentment is the acceptance that life is what it is today, what it will be tomorrow, and what it will be every other day until you die. You can’t get to happiness until you understand this.


Response: But our society is driven by achieving happiness through possessing things and actively seeking to get those things. By just accepting life as it is, would I just be in a passive standby mode while the rest of society is in an aggressive active mode?


The Talk: Society has strayed off course and has come up with a multitude of ideas, suggestions, and declared facts that they lay out there to define happiness. Most of them are like your “If I only had that or if I do that, then I will be happy”. Actively seeking possessions and even achieving them is not an end. Once you have succeeded in acquiring the possession you sought, you will find that it didn’t achieve the happiness you wanted, so the cycle begins again. There are many rich, famous, and successful people out there that are not happy. Fact is that some of them are so unhappy that they end their own life. So the if, then, theory did not work for them, why would it work for you?


Response: I get that but if they have everything and can buy anything they desire and if they are not happy, what are they missing?


The Talk: If you have the time, we can talk more. What I am about to say may not fit into your current thinking or for that matter, today’s contemporary thinking. Want to continue?


 Response: Sure I got plenty of time.


The Talk: To answer your question “what are they missing”? They are missing God in their life, not just God, but God’s Plan for mankind. Thus the path to happiness is to first obtain Contentment, then simply follow God’s Plan. Not complicated at all.


The Talk: Let me ask you this? Do you believe in God? I mean , do you really believe in God?


Response: Absolutely! I really believe in God.


The Talk: Then you believe you are a creation of God?


Response: I do!


The Talk: Do you fully understand God’s Plan?


Response: I think I do?


The Talk: You may not. Before I get into a deep discussion on God’s Plan, do you want to continue this conversation?


Response: I do.


The Talk: OK God’s Plan can be broken down into three parts; 1. Creation, 2. Purpose, and, 3. Responsibility.


Response: Creation, Purpose, and Responsibility, like CPR ?


The Talk: You can look it that way and the similarities are not too different. The contemporary acronym for CPR stands for saving the living life of the body. God’s CPR is to save the living life of the soul.


The Talk: Ok let’s start with Creation. You know you were born and you know you will die. This is true no matter what science does. They may be able to extend your life but your life will eventually end. So as you believe in God, you must also believe He is your Creator.


The Talk: Do you believe that you were created by God?


Response: I do. But what if I didn’t?


The Talk: OK if you didn’t, then what follows here is still God’s Plan. In humans God has created only two types, a man and a woman. Man from the beginning of his existence was built physically stronger than the woman. He had hair that covered his body to withstand cold weather, he had broad shoulders to allow him to carry weighty animals to slaughter for food, and for the most part, was taller than the woman. Man was made to hunt for food to feed himself and the woman, to kill any animals that attacked himself or the woman, and to use his strength to carve out a shelter for himself and the woman. Thus caus the two words that described the man, Provider and Protector. The woman was created by God to bear the children, to feed the children until they could feed themselves, to teach the children the order of the society that they lived in, to pass on the history of their ancestral chain, to instruct the children in the language their society spoke, and to watch over the health of the children and the man. Basically to be the caretaker of the family Therefore God created woman to be softer than the man in body but equal to the man in mind. From these things described of the woman God created one word for her, that being Mother. For the most part, all woman can conceive, but for those that cannot, Motherhood is still God’s Plan for them. Be it by a physical adoption of a child or a spiritual adoption of a child. Are you with us so far?


Response: I agree that when our first ancestors roamed this earth that was the way it was. But today it is totally different. No one has to hunt for food, or carve out shelters, or slaughter animals for food.


The Talk: Nothing has changed except now they live in a Lights On world, meaning technology has made life easier for those living now then it was for those living then. But what if today’s Lights were turned Off permanently, taking away all benefits that technology injected into society? With that, could we easily find ourselves back in the Dark ages? And if so, would not survival naturally fall back to the two types. For the woman it would be “Family Caretaker and Mother”, for the man it would be “Provider and Protector” So you can say that God’ Plan works in all ages.


The Talk: Again speaking on creation, there are those out there that do not believe they were created by a superior being. Somehow they believe that from Slime they came and to Slime they will return. They completely ignore the sophistication of the human body. From the flexibility of the skin, to the digestive system, to the reproduction system, to the operation of the brain, they believe this just happen through evolution from a substance, not design. They ignore the electrical, mechanical, and the chemical processes that take place to maintain and protect life, the bone structure that supports all the body parts, the five senses, the need for oxygen and the heart pump that provides all the vital organs with oxygen, the natural antibiotics, food and water, stimulation, emotions both re-active and pro-active and a brain that far exceeds any computer known to mankind that controls the whole process. We are a superior process, that was developed by a superior engineer, that we believers recognize as God.


The Talk: A quick test of this process would be to close your eyes and have someone jab you somewhere with a sharp instrument within Nano seconds the following happens. An electrical signal is sent to your brain, a chemical imbalance is detected, the brain recognizes this is pain, determines where this originated from, and calculates the distance from your hand to the point where you were jabbed and directs your hand to go to exactly where you were jabbed to rub that point as to comfort the pain. The brain may also determine that the jabbing was an act of defiance and instruct your emotion to also include anger. This is all done as I stated in a Nano Second and done instinctively. No Slime involved here just the work of God.


The Talk: Before we get into the second part of God’s plan that being Purpose, do you have any questions on creation?


Response: Yes I do. Science is advancing at an exponential rate to produce life in the lab. If they succeed, won’t that undermine God as the creator?


The Talk: No it would not undermine God nor God’s creation. If they did succeed to create something that bore a similarity to God’s creation, it would not be from a woman’s womb., It would not grow inside her, tied to her organs for life support, until able to sustain life outside her womb. God’s Plan for creation is not a lab species created in the confines of a sterile lab directed by unattached scientist, but a creation, through a woman’s internal reproduction system forging a labor of love and a forever bond between the mother and her child.


The Talk: OK with that, want to continue with the path to happiness?


Response: I’m good to go. What next?


The Talk: Now we will discuss God’s Plan as it pertains to Purpose. Want to continue?


Response: Yes! Definitely.


The Talk: OK! It would be easy to say that God’s purpose for you is only for the propagation of the human race. Although this is mostly true, it doesn’t explain how we mate since propagation could be accomplished instinctively just as the brain reacted to the previous example of a jab. And as many animals respond in mating seasons. The difference is our God given Free Will. More about Free Will later in this discussion and again when we discuss Responsibility. But now we will stay on purpose. God’s Plan is for a man and a woman to make a commitment to each other through life long marriage and to mate in a love relationship. Meaning that a child should be conceived through the love between a man and a woman. The secular world will curse this part of God’s Plan because it believes that having sex freely in an uncommitted relationship is normal. They will unequivocally state that Sex is a pleasure that should not be denied to any human being as long as it happens with mutual consent. However, indeed God made sex a pleasure because if he didn’t, mankind’s first generation would have been mankind’s last generation and that is why sex is pleasurable. Simply sex is all about natural propagation. Besides the discussion here is about God’s plan for mankind, not mankind’s plan for God. Man can live without sex, but without God, his life cannot even begin.


The Talk: Questions before we get into more of God’s Plan as it relates to purpose?


 Response: No questions. I’m with you so far I like the line “God made sex a pleasure because if he didn’t, mankind’s first generation would have been mankind’s last generation”


The Talk: Should we continue?


Response: Indeed we should.


The Talk: OK so we covered a very important purpose on our way to happiness, that being marriage between one man and one woman and through that relationship bringing children into their world. However I did mention “Free Will”. Why would God give us Free Will if the only purpose for us was the propagation of the human race, and again to repeat, when it could be instinctively accomplished?


Response: I don’t want to input anything here since my answer would not be complete. Please go on.


The Talk: OK the purpose of Free Will is to allow you to go against God’s Plan and to let you do your own thing.


Response: That’s it?


The Talk: There’s more. If you have the right to go against God’s Plan for you, there has to be a downside of doing that. One, since our discussion involved getting to happiness, you won’t achieve it. But that is not the important one. Previously we acknowledged because you were born, you will die. Science may prolong life, but eventually you will die. So if God gave you a Plan that you need to live by to be happy, and make no mistake God wants you to be happy, and you discard that plan or replace it with your own plan, you are in a state of defiance to God. Further, if you have been given a choice to follow God’s plan or not, would you not think that there would be an acknowledgement of those that do and those that do not. And those that do, would be judged to be on the side of God and God would be pleased with them and those that do not, will not be on the side of God and God would not be pleased with them. Bottom line Free Will in God’s Plan is the only way for God to judge you on how you live your earthly life. And if you are to be judged, should there not be rewards for doing the right thing and punishment for not doing the right thing? It’s all pretty simple God has a Plan for us. It is easily found in the two bibles, the Old Testament and the New Testament, God has given us Free Will to live our lives according to His Plan or not. The only reason for Free Will is to allow us to make our own decisions on whether we follow God’s Plan or we don’t and to be rightfully judged accordingly. To be rewarded or to be punished, these are the only two choices. Thus explains the symbols of a Heaven and of a Hell. Now to say that as humans, we are not expected to fail would be denying Free Will. We are not designed to be perfect. So it is not to be expected of us to constantly stay on the path of God’s Plan. However it is expected of us to end there.


The Talk: You good with that explanation of Purpose?


Response: I’m good. I am ready for the last of the CPR that being Responsibility.


The Talk: Alright, again, in simple terms in God’s Plan, Responsibility is how one perceives God’s Plan and how one lives his life within that plan. Again I must state that God’s Plan has no mystique about it. It is literally an open book, or two books in our case, the Old and the New Testaments. Most of the Responsibly learning of God’s Plan falls within the New Testament, following Jesus’s life on earth as relayed to us through the Scriptures. As simplicity is governing this conversation, so simply put Responsibility translates into “You are Here to Serve, Not Be Served”.


Response: That it?


The Talk: No there is more. Also Responsibility is not only about Jesus’s examples it is also about Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus and Jesus’s earthly father, Joseph. We refer to them as the Holy Family. In God’s Plan they are the examples of Responsibility as it pertains to families. Remember Jesus was the Son of God and could have come to earth as a King. He didn’t, he came as a common man, to live in a common family. So Mary, his mother, who did conceive him, did all the things we described above that a mother should do. Let’s talk about the Holy Family’s life. Jesus was not left to the care of others, Mary’s career was the raising of her Child until her Child could provide for Himself. Joseph, a carpenter by trade, supplied the provisions necessary for the family’s survival, as well as, protector of the family. As when an Angel told him in a dream that Herod was looking to kill Jesus, Joseph protected his family by moving them to Egypt. So what we see in the Holy Family is a Mother that stays in the home while her child grows; as to feed her child, as to teach her Child, as to pass onto her child the history of their ancestral chain, as to instruct her Child in the language of their society, as to watch over the health of the child and her husband. As God’s Plan for Joseph was to be Provider and Protector, God’s Plan for Mary was to be a Mother and the Caretaker of her family.


The Talk: The above description of a family in today’s society is discarded at the least, and scorned on at the most. What worked for families for thousands of years found its way out of vogue sometimes shortly after World War Two. But again your question to me was why I was happy and what makes me happy and I explained it with my CPR example. Look around there are others that are living their life within God’s Plan, see for yourself if they are happy, talk to them about their lessons, and see that it fits the CPR explanation.


The Talk: I am aware that most readers that find this writing will dismiss it as being out of touch with life. But I know that they live in a Lights On world that will eventually fail them and turn their world into a Lights Out world. And then, they will understand this writing.


Response: Thank you for this discussion. It will make a change in my life. By the way Who are you?


The Talk: I am you! For what I told you, you already know.