O GOD; who are you and where are you?


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Dr. Rimas Slavickas*


Rapid global scientific advances are continually exerting influences upon societies of what we believe and what we will choose to continue to believe . This paper provides a novel methodology and a path for holistic unification of scientific advancements and religious beliefs for holistic humanity to remain human. A belief in a creator should also include with religious faith, human logic and the governing materially bounded laws of physics. Since the common concept of both material and spiritually based views is that there was a beginning and is generally accepted and scientifically described as the ‘Big Bang’ and religiously as the ‘Creation’. As I see it, the author has made us aware that progressive and very rapid material scientific results have become to some, the new ‘modern’ tangible gods. Although material progresses continue to assist humanity, nevertheless modern society is starting to look up to more material progresses and look down on those who continue to believe in one creator. My fear is that some in the scientific community and with high public credibility in their specialization, portray religious believers to be almost as ignorant as were the ancient pagan believers towards Greek and Roman gods. The tremendous tangible power of created nature was released through applied science on August 6th, 1945 at 968 feet above the ground. This explosion resulted from the manipulation of selected elements. Initially, not for the betterment, but for the destruction of life. Such technical advances and by human choice resulted in a global nuclear arm’s race. However from advanced wisdom and human choice, the beneficial harnessing of this technology now provides nuclear power for the continuous generation of electricity and powering vessels and submarines. Nevertheless, it appears that present advancing scientific progresses are becoming increasingly in a competitive mode with God from technical advancements which are perceived to be bordering on miracles. These are modern wonders of technical miniaturization and the expanded advancement of computers and Artificial Intelligence. Human knowledge increases exponentially and computers perform better in some specific tasks than humans. Such materially based advances are now further pursuing the potential creation of artificial life. The tangible realities of advancing modern living is in the ‘here and now’. Spectacular technical results are visible to all. Therefore, future human generations will face a greater challenge to believe in an imperceptible deity, a creator, a God. The objective of this paper is to recognize a finite and bounded humanity and therefore not to be ‘blinded’ from quick fixes in all this huge vastness, but nevertheless also this ‘temporary’ common home- earth. Therefore, by choice and free will, every person can choose to continue to seek their own meaningful holistic purpose in this life.


The author has developed a holistic view of human life which could influence or strengthen your faith in your Creator.



Please Read Dr. Rimas Slavickas's Paper by Clicking on the link below.


 O GOD; who are you and where are you?

Rimas Slavickas, Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering,

He developed, for his doctoral dissertation, a novel and powerful holistic decision making methodology called “Logical Proportional Analysis” (LPA).