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Father Danny Murphy is a retired Pastor from Brooklyn NY. and a Former Met's baseball team chaplain. He is a gifted man with a God given talent to inspire and that talent is God's gift to us at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Vero Beach Florida. This page is dedicated to the preservation of some of his homilies. We,  the parishioners of Holy Cross, are blessed to sit in the pews of Holy Cross church while he delivers his homilies.  His deliverance of his homilies cannot be heard here and that is sad. For he resonates his voice to highlight a point, brings the point down to a soft comfortable tone, and then pauses when his point is finished.  More then not his homilies are met with applause even thought Catholics usually reserve themselves from showing emotions when homilies are delivered.  I hope that visitors to this page  will read Father Murphy's homilies and come to Mass at Holy Cross and Hear his messages  because they are not only inspirational, they are lessons for life, taught by a humble servant of God.